Pat Has Excellent Service and Is Very Caring……!

August 5, 2022

My wife and I have used Pat now 3 times and her Grooming Service is EXCELLENT! She is very caring and her shop is so clean! Pat is friendly as well as her helpers! Thank you very much for the your caring and grooming of Bella!

Rich and Barb

Loving and caring grooming services with beautiful results

May 28, 2022

Our large Afghan hound looks so wonderful after his appointment at Pat the groomer. We are so very happy with the results. They really listen and pay attention to every detail. Our boy also was calm and happy in their facility. I think he knew he was in good hands. The other pups that were getting groomed also looked peaceful and content. I noticed there was no barking or drama.



June 29, 2021

Having a Senior dog is not easy especially when regular groomers feel they don’t want to be bothered with your dog. Not Pat! It’s obvious she loves what she does because that’s how she treats each dog I’ve seen her groom! I would Not take my dog to any other groomer! Although Biscuit is becoming senile and tends to bite, Pat treats him like he’s special and takes the time to groom him and keep him handsome! If your smart you will bring your fur baby to Pat for grooming!

Lynn Kriegstein

My dog Sonny

June 22, 2021

My dog is very difficult to groom. Pat and her staff took their time with him and he looks wonderful! It took a while but they didn’t give up! Thank you so much!!!



November 14, 2020

Very grateful to have found Pat and Lenny! They took the best care of my 11+ year old Great Pyrenees who has Arthritis in his back end. Trust me , not an easy groom . They knew exactly how to work their magic and took lengths not to stress my guy. They are extremely knowledgeable ,caring and it really shows they truly love what they do. Awesome Paw some! Thank you! See you again soon!

Suzanne Kelley

Great customer service

September 8, 2020

I love it, they treat my baby as if he is a part of the family. Ms. Pat is awesome, I feel like I have know her all my life. They had my baby looking and feeling awesome and the customer service is the best I have had in a very long time! I apprentice the way they make me feel and I definitely appreciate the way they treat my baby. I can tell they treat him great because he doesn’t mind being dropped off there, In the the past when I dropped him off at a groomer he is reluctant and acts out. But he likes being dropped off to Ms. Pat and I love the interaction I have with Ms. Pat and her staff…


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March 8, 2020

Sorry for the typos. My accent from Chicago tends to misunderstand the words.

Dr. Debee Tanzer

Well worth the drive from Deerfield Beach

March 8, 2020

After trying other trimmers with my service dog, a miniature schnauzer named Yetta Notherschnauzer I found as she came home she was stressed, dehydrated and would hide in the shower for 30 to 45 minutes before coming to join us. The first time of trying Pat the groomer, At asked her name first and even before speaking to me spoke to and engaged Yetta in her office. I loved this since the dog is her client , not me. Now all I have to do is tell her “Let’s go see Miss Pat now so get your clothes on.” She stops and flies into the room to get dressed. Entering and exiting there in no tog-o-war, bribes or anything since she enters willingly. She wags her tail she talks to Pat as we walk through the door andis even willing to go right through the gate. Something I thought that would never happen. Granted she is a service dog in training to do what she’s asked to do but on the same hand she panics if I am not in view. She has no problem with me walking out. Pat still immediately talks to her client rather than the mommy and her loving attitude must be the reason Yetta loves going. Give this groomer a try. It is well worth the drive from Deerfield Beach to have a stress free grooming experience!!!!

Dr. Debee Tanzer

Happy mom and pom

March 3, 2020

I brought my 13-year-old Pomeranian rescue to Pat after being referred to by Merryfield Pet grooming school. She spent a lot of time discussing what style options I might consider so that I felt I was choosing the right style for my little dog. She was also focused on making sure he stayed calm and comfortable. This dog has become my baby and I deeply appreciate someone who was willing to discuss and explain questions that I had. Her prices are also extremely fair. I will not take my dog to anyone else.

Diane Tew

Pat (and Lenny) do a wonderful professional job. It is obvious they love their dogs and treat them with loving care. I highly recommend them!

February 26, 2020

Don’t know what this is for . . .

Barbara Kreuzer

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