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How do you know you have a "special needs" pet. "Special needs" is a broad term without a universal meaning. It generally includes a range of physical disabilities, chronic medical conditions or behavioral issues that require vigilance or "special" care to manage. Some common problems among cats and dogs include missing one or more limbs, hind leg paralysis, diabetes, urinary tract infections and lack of socialization. This issues can make your pet uncomfortable and agitated making the grooming session more tedious. Most dogs over the age of 10 have special needs. Senior dogs require more time and care. Most often they have hip and knee deficiencies making it difficult for them to stand or be in a crate for long periods of time. Senior dogs can be blind and/or deaf, making them less tolerant of the process.

"Special Needs" pets can be dogs that have anxiety, noise sensitivities, fear biters, pets with emotional issues or just dogs that are simply afraid of the grooming process. These pets may require help with a shorter stay time.

Why is Pat the Groomer different? We cater to Senior and Special Needs pets. There are always two groomers handling your pet during the grooming sessions. Our 4 legged clients are held, helped and carefully handled. We are dedicated to making the grooming process as gentle as possible. It can be painful for a dog to stand during the prep, the bath, the drying and then the styling. Your pet with receive breaks during the session to rest their legs and backs. If you think that is common at your traditional grooming shop, think again. The process can be very challenging for any pet and especially ones that are "Senior" or have "Special Needs".

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