Senior Pet Grooming

Is your dog 10 years or older? If so, your dog is considered a "senior". The grooming process requires a good amount of patience and stamina for both the groomer and the pet. An older dog, as older people, slow down. They may have compromized vision and hearing as well as arthritis, knee, hip and back issues. These dogs have less of an attention span and tire easily. The process is quite tedious and your average grooming shop, which may see 30-50 dogs a day, cannot give the special attention these senior dogs require.

At Pat the Groomer we give a totally different experience to your pet. All our 4 legged clients come to the shop by appointment. The senior dogs are carefully helped, handled and assisted during the grooming process. Most senior dogs, depending on their deficiencies, may require several breaks and rest periods. We are able to to provide this service simply because we take a limited amount of clients per day. Your pet in a sense has a private appointment. The same groomer will handle your pet from beginning to end. The prep, the brushing, the bathing, the blow drying and the styling. The groomer gets to build a relationship with your pet. This concept builds trust and comfort for the pet. Senior dogs need "special" grooming, At Pat the Groomer, your pet will come home happy and looking good!

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